3 reasons why it is difficult for us to read from the screen

If earlier in public transport we read newspapers and books, now we are increasingly not looking up, we look at the screen of a smartphone or tablet. But what to do if reading from gadgets gives you discomfort?

Some of us cannot read from tablets. And not because they like the smell of books and rustles of pages. They cannot physically do this-someone has eyes to hurt, and someone poorly assimilates the information read from the screen of the electronic device. What are the reasons? And is it necessary to refuse reading from electronic media?

1. We miss a lot of important details

Readers of books downloaded to tablets show lower immersion indicators in text and empathy Compared to those who read the same books in their paper version, Norwegian psychologist Enne Mangen from the University of Stavanger discovered Norwegian psychologist. Why this happens is not entirely clear. Enne Mangen suggests the following: “When you read the paper book, you tactilely feel how the number of pages on the left grows and their number is reduced on the right … Perhaps this provides a more intense feeling of how the text and plot develop”. Reading from a tablet with the ability to check the tapes of social networks also opens a loophole for too frequent breaks. In order for the information to resist the memory, reading must be long and continuous.

2. Reading from the screen causes emotional stress

Reading in itself serves as https://freespeechapocalypse.com/uncategorized/campus-kangaroo-court-fires-conservative-professor/ a great way to relieve stress after a hard working day. Cognitive neuropsychologist David Lewis, in his study, claims that only 6 minutes with the book is enough to relax 2 . However, frequent night reading from the screen does not just cancel this powerful relaxing effect, but, on the contrary, can cause depression, strong fatigue and even insomnia. This was established by the team of Swedish psychologists from the University of Geteburg under the leadership of Sarah Thomée 3 .

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