“I stopped loving everyone, even a dog”

I “forgot to love”. I do not feel love for anyone, as if atrophied everything. I do not feel motherly love for a child, I don’t feel love for my dog, I don’t like men like a man, I just perceive them as people with my set of qualities, I do not see “my man” in them, no one has sympathy. I no longer remember what it means – “Love and be loved”.

Svetlana, 30 years old

Svetlana, I am very sympathetic. What you describe is very similar to fatigue and exhaustion. An exhausted person cannot love. Love requires strength and time, but they just do not have a tired woman. It is on the one hand.

On the other hand, love is a feeling that changes over time. In youth, it is caused by one, in adulthood-completely different. You are 30 years old, and you probably have a reassessment of values. In this case, it is normal that you do not feel

love for what or whom you loved before. Then it makes sense to listen more carefully to yourself and notice the slightest manifestations of your own sympathy.

Notice and admit, even if this causes surprise and resistance. And then you can say something like: “Yes, before I liked such men, but now, it seems, you like completely different. It doesn’t look like me. I wonder what exactly attracts me in them?”

Still, as an option, people often do not like a lot when they themselves do not like themselves. And then, perhaps, there is an occasion to look in the mirror and honestly ask yourself: “How I evaluate myself? I am satisfied with myself? Do I make what gives me energy, strength, joy and happiness?”

If none of my answers suits you, it may also be. A person is a complex creature, typical answers may not get into your specific case. We must understand more carefully. Then I recommend contacting a specialist for help.

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